Monday, July 16, 2012

two year anniversary

I can't believe it has already been two years!  It has been the best two years of my life!  To celebrate, we traveled to LAS VEGAS baby!  Neither of us had ever been there before.  So check that off the list.

We drove down Thursday night and just relaxed at our so-called "resort."  The next morning we wandered over to The Strip, trying to find I HOP.  Apparently I HOP is in the worse part of town.  So we resorted to Denny's which turned out to be the best meal Jacob EVER had at a Denny's before.  I heard about it for at least a week after that. :)  Great food.  Great service.  Great Date.

After our wonderful breakfast we walked along The Strip to the Flamingo Hotel to check out their Wildlife Habitat.

It was pretty cool.  Oh, and this was my first time ever going inside a casino!  It was just like the movies!  Don't worry, we didn't gamble. :)
After that we went to the Bellagio!!!  That was my favorite hotel and casino.  It was GORGEOUS and huge.  They had restaurants, art galleries, and a mall inside the hotel.  We looked at the botanical gardens and just explored.

It was fun to just walk along The Strip, look inside different buildings and hotels, and just be together.  I took advantage of this opportunity to be a tourist, because usually it is not Jacob's favorite thing to do.

The next place we went was the M&M world.  It is a 4 story tall store with everything M&M style that you could think of.  We only made it to the 3rd floor where we watched a 10 minute 3D clip about the red M&M who lost his "m".  Here we are with our cool 3D glasses on!
We got a little tired of walking around.  So we stopped by the theater and watched...
THE AVENGERS!  There was almost no one in the theater. Lol.  We gave the movie a B+.  If there had been any kind of romance in it at all, it would have definitely been an A.  We were pretty hungry after that.  So we went to Serendipity in honor of the movie and our friends who suggested it.  We were going to get dinner, but even the mac n' cheese was 14 bucks a plate.  So we settled on dessert first and shared a meal at Outback right after.  Best dessert ever........ I must say.

We were so full we couldn't even finish it.

After dinner at the Outback we watched the volcano erupt at the Mirage hotel and then watched the Bellagio fountains.  That was probably my favorite part of the whole day.  I made Jacob wait with me for another 15 minutes so we could watch the fountains again (he's such a trooper!).

The first song that was played during the fountain show was "God Bless the USA," my favorite patriotic song!
The second song was a swing dance song (I forget what it is called).
We went swimming in the pool at the motel that night.  It was fun, but I'm surprised to say... dirtier than our apartment's pool!

The next day we ate muffins in our motel room, went to the Body Museum. and then went home.  We were SO tired.  And it was a great trip.